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Early Intervention & Parent Support

Empowering Parents, Enriching Futures.


Group Parent Training & Education

Parent training group classes educate parents on child development and effective parenting strategies to promote social and emotional growth while addressing challenging behaviors. These programs teach positive discipline, communication techniques, and ways to create nurturing environments. By attending, parents can boost their confidence and strengthen their relationships with their children.


In Person & Virtual Counseling

Our in-person and virtual counseling services are designed to support parent mental health and help families achieve their goals for positive child development. These sessions provide a safe and supportive environment where parents can explore their challenges, develop coping strategies, and gain insights into effective parenting. By addressing parental well-being, our counseling services empower parents to create a nurturing atmosphere that promotes their children's social, emotional, and behavioral growth.


1:1 Parent Training & Education

In-home 1:1 parent training sessions provide essential knowledge and strategies to support children's social and emotional development. These sessions cover child development stages, effective communication, and positive discipline. Parents learn to create nurturing environments, address challenging behaviors, and build stronger relationships with their children.


Early Steps Services

Our in-home early intervention services in Florida provide personalized support for infants and toddlers, guided by certified Infant and Toddler Development Specialists. These services are designed to address developmental delays and promote optimal growth during the critical early years. Our specialists work closely with families in the comfort of their homes, offering tailored strategies and activities to enhance each child's cognitive, social, and physical development. Through ongoing assessment and collaboration, we empower parents with the tools and knowledge to support their child's unique needs, ensuring a strong foundation for future learning and development.

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Our Services


Community  PartnershipsCommunity Trainings


Collaborative Divorce/MediationCo-parent Coaching Parenting CoordinationMoms Support GroupCounseling Services:Individuals, Families, Couples


Educational WorkshopsEarly Intervention ServicesParenting Videos on Social MediaParent Training​​​

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About Us

We are a team of professionals with degrees and certifications from various backgrounds ranging from mental health to child development. We’ve come together because we saw a need in our community for a family coaching approach that covered all areas of family development because we believe Family Matters most.  We work together to provide children, families, and individuals the services and support they need to overcome many of the challenges that all families face in today’s world.  We do this through a wide range of therapeutic services and collaborations that will help guide you wherever you are in your journey.  To achieve this goal, we offer child therapy, family/couples counseling, collaboration and mediation, cooperative co-parenting, parenting workshops, early intervention, and much more to come! Growing and maintaining healthy relationships can be challenging and with today’s fast paced society can also feel impossible.  But we are firm believers that Family Matters and we are here to help you navigate these relationships with your family and yourself with our Professional counseling, coaching, and play-based therapeutic services for children, families, and individuals.

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165 Wells Road #203 Orange Park, Fl 32073

(904) 269-3522

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